What is a Mormon?

Sunday, December 22, 2013

The Changes

December 10, 2013- ...the people that we found this week are yearning to change. K wants to get rid of his alcohol dependency. D has gotten off alcohol completely! and is working hard to loose smoking. And then J is carefully growing more and more in the gospel. She enjoys church more and has told us that she feels the difference in her patience with her autistic boy as she reads and prays often...

The Bible Bashers

November 26, 2013 - Transfers came and went, I stayed. I spent the holiday with the Pickerings. They are from New York and will be moving to the states this summer. Elder Pollock will be my new companion. The Hull Zone is also being split into two zones. I ordered Donner Meat, which I believe I've talked about before, if not don't look it up ...it is suppose to be "lamb, but not many would say it is. But it couldn't be as bad as Hot Dogs.
 Any ways, as we were walking to our flat one night a child, no more than 10, began to yell at us mockingly, "Bible bashers! Jesus Believers! and laughing and just generally mocking us.  His sister was 4 years younger, caught on after a few more chants by her example of a brother and the parents were just on their porch drinking a lagger.  The young boy then began to sing a chant about how we were idiots and the Christ was a fairy-tale, that he just died and was nothing now and we are stupid believers.  That stuck the most. We didn't think much of the taunting and we just continued into our building. When we got in the flat my heart went out to the boy and the younger sister.  "how could they say that? What child would hold that kind of conviction? What is there I can do to help him?" so many questions I had no answers too come to my heard, and some hostile to the parents for such teachings for surely the boy didn't learn it by his own understanding. 
(they aren't only Bible bashers, and proud of it- they know their Book of Mormon too!)

The Restoration

November 4, 2013...we were looking for apartment 57, but right where it should have been there was an empty lot...frustrated Elder D wanted to leave, but I just said I wanted to know why it was gone...lot's knock the ones next to it...so we did just that and on 59 we found Martin...We told him on the doorstep that we had an answer for some of his concerns if he would like to listen for 5 minutes (: We've taught him twice since Tuesday.

Halloween we had to be in by 6:30..Guy Fawkes Day...fireworks and parties. [Guy Fawkes, also known as Guido Fawkes, the name he adopted while fighting for the Spanish in the Low Countries, was a member of a group of provincial English Catholics who planned the failed Gunpowder Plot of 1605] Anyways we found a woman. She is such a smart person and when we found her she only had questions about prayer and why there were so many churches if there is suppose to be 1 God... Elder D and I shared the restoration and taught her about prayer and how she could develop a personal relationship through prayer with her Heavenly Father.

Click here to learn more about the restoration.

The Simplicity of Faith

October 21, 2013...it's getting tougher, but that's what mission does, isn't it? ...I have wonderful morning studies on Christ like attributes every day...One great thing that I love is that faith is so simple yet very complicated and praying for a stronger breeze to cool you down is an easy prayer for Heavenly Father to answer (: if there is faith (;

The Frustration

Oct. 7, 2013

Big news is that we have no investigators, well we have that family, but right now that is it. So that is kinda frustrating. We get some really good potentials, but then they just send us away after the first lesson.
The baptism was great though and then the next day Elder Dotschoat and I did confirmations. Wow! I really enjoyed that...