What is a Mormon?

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

The Last Email

 its a surreal time as you finish your mission. i dont even really know what to say. this sunday i was asked by the bishop to open the fast and testimony meeting and go first, i had no words. its just impossible to capture what these two years have held in any words, the best i can think of is "you should have been there" because its futile to explain in words. working is a gift of God, that is a final lesson i have learned, that really the ability to do ANYTHING is from God. there really is nothing that i do or posses that God hasnt given me, or that i dont owe to God. there really is no "I" or "me". thats my summary haha i dont know what else to write. two years is a long time to be here without you all to share the moments with, but i know that it has been worth every moment and that the life ahead is really just the start. now i get to think about bills and school and alll that other stuff in between. which isnt a whole lot to be honest haha. i speak to president for my final interview at 8 am tomorrow. life is changing. said goodbye to an investigator and some memebrs who have started coming back out since ive been here. things have been good here for the 3 months i was here. ive called some members in billingham becuase thats a place ill never forget. england is a hard place to leave, its like moving from jersey all over again. 

ill see you all in a few days, its gonna be a weird but exciting moment haha and make sure mom is in front, i cant hug anyone before her!

Elder Ivins