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Friday, March 13, 2015

The testimony

July 2014

"I just want to share my testimony about the gospel, the light, and the truth that it holds, emanates and burns into our consciousness.  No matter the trials, the oppositions, the small imprint on us are what help us hold it together.  I recently listened to a talk by President Hinkley, the theme was "Don't Drop the Ball" at the end of it he states that we can't afford it. I really liked that.  The fact is we are in the last days, we cannot afford to drop the ball.  And if you do, the Savior's atonement is the ultimate make-up.  Christ is real, he lives, and he loves us.  All of us.  I wish that I could bear my testimony at the reunion in person, because I can not even imagine the wonderful plan our God has set for us. The beautiful theme of family and love and eternal rounds without the spirit choking my heart in its enveloping warmth, burning another sealing stitch to our consciousness. Being out here has showed the true happiness that we have from the gospel. I cannot wait to see it in my own family one day and the lives of people we set an example for, each one of us. In the name of our Savior, Jesus Christ, Amen."

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