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Saturday, August 31, 2013

The Tag

well i cant even send the one improtant thing which is a picture of me and my companion but it is all right, you miht get worried because he is literally just like Rob...i mean the guy even lookslike him AND acts like him, really it is strange but so awesome becaue we arre bes friends already ahahaha but aside from that we are also a killer companionship. we teach "investigators" in a room dressed as a living room and it can seriously be a challenge, especaillly the first time which was out second day.the second day! mostly i put this all in my journals and i now have to tell you so much in suh a little amount of time -_- i love it here and the people are...ineresting. there is oe elder in my district that reminds me of harison and that is just...yea not good ahaha. but then there are tons of interesting and eciting people ive met too like our French, Elder Neville, who is having a blst learning english and will serve in texas haha he loves the word fart and such hahaha but his accents makes it sound like fawt ahaha really we all just get along great and try our mbest with all our investigators. man the keyboards here are terrible and they have diferent keys... ummm well we also taught a "gay" investigator that was just impossosible. we had no clue how or what to say i mean...once he said "yea i like men, i mean girls, women, men, no definitely not men im not gey...you look gey." and that was all uninterupted haha. just bizarre really. im not too home sick. found a lot of things i deffinitely did not pack like a sand bottle landon made and a few notes but it was cool finding it (: Audreys gift helps a lot too and he dads package. i have so much more i want to tell you but thats all that comes to mind... the MTC is not a prison here we really can go and study just about anywhere and outside is always best because the AC sucks in England with all the cold they specialize in heaters... the siters in my district are way fun too because one is from tonga and the other australia...just lots of diversity..im friends with a duth, a german, and tongan, 2 austalians, and an austrian, and then there are just tons from Utah...and one elder from china haha. shoot! 5 min left and i still need to email audge,
tell kaylin i do miss everyone and that im sorry that i needed to go.
i love and miss everyone! seeya again next week and ill let you know my next pday should be wednesday but it could change once im out in the field.

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